Oscar Marine is a multi-talented and versatile artist, he combines his work as a graphic designer, illustrator and expert typographer since 1980. His pictorial work has been exhibited in cities such Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires and Madrid. Oscar has been the creator of important international works for brands such as Hugo Boss, Absolut Vodka, Camper, Loewe, Swatch, Tissot and many others.




Designer, illustrator, expert typographer and professional artist, Oscar Marine is a boundless communicator. Faced with any dissemination challenge, Marine provides creative solutions based on deep typographic knowledge, a refreshing image and a genuinely unique illustration. Whether it is a logo, an art magazine, a museums communication or a newspaper supplement, his works always respond to the needs of a project by combining solvency and creativity.


Óscar Mariné is considered one of the most influential artists in graphic design 


Poster Pedro Almodóvar´s film
"All about my mother"
Oscar Winner Academy


Pedro Almodovar and Oscar Marine have worked together on different projects for many years, they know each other in Madrid in the beginning of the "Movida Madrilena" movement, around 1980. Oscar Marine has made several works of the films of Pedro Almodovar. His most iconic work is the poster for the film "All about my mother", that one wins the Oscars Academy as Best Foreign Film. The film also wins Bafta, Cannes and Goya awards.